In addition to physical objects (analog data), the WRLC is actively involved in the creation and preservation of digital data in many forms. From 2001 until 2010 the WRLC operated a centralized digitization center where member institutions could send collection materials to be digitized. As a result of these efforts, as well as digitization efforts of individual schools, there are now 38 digital collections available for research use through ALADIN.

In 2012 the WRLC initiated a more collaborative, decentralized approach to digitization by taking advantage of the expertise, equipment and resources of the member institutions to digitize materials with content unique to individual schools, as well as content that reflects a common theme across the consortium. The WRLC Digital Practices Committee (DPC) is responsible for proposing policies relating to appropriate digital formats, standards, and metadata, and for determining the overall digitization priorities for consortial projects. As a result of this digitization activity there is approximately 4 terabytes of digitized collections content. Procedures for safeguarding these “born digital” materials have been developed collaboratively between the PAC and DPC.